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For example if you are not their friend, you are their nemesis and you will with certainty be treated as such. Mars which rules the month of Scorpio is the Greek God of War. Scorpions are like gladiators they will eliminate their nemesis at any cost with no concern of who they bloody in their path. They do not waver, they do not falter, and will stay the course with absolute determination which can result in unnecessary force. Pluto rules life and death in addition to the power and energy of the seed, which manifests as new life, rebirth. Scorpio rules the genitalia and makes them very sexual by nature.

They are not flexible and it is generally their way or the highway. In the world of Scorpio it is created of extremes. If they love someone and the feelings are not mutual, this love can quickly turn into hate.


If you betray a Scorpio they will not rest until they get their revenge even to the point of creating your demise. The karma Tikkun : Correction of Scorpions to channel their energy to the Central column to they can live, love, and let go.

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On a positive note, Scorpios are great business people. They love money for they equate it with power. They can be great politicians, doctors, physiologist, astrologers, and financiers. Metaphysically they are powerful with strong mystical powers and knowing. However if they choose the wrong path they can be the most ruthless members of the mafia or gangs. The Scorpio is the only creature that can sting itself to death, however in an elevated form they can soar like an Eagle. The world had become so corrupt at that time that God saw no alternative to destroying this world of wickedness.

Scorpio is an energy of excesses and naturally this type of energy would be more than suitable for a great deluge. During the month of Scorpio it is good to focus on destructive patterns and transmute them into positive ones.

Byzant Astrology - Scorpio, the Eagle

Let go of ill feelings we harbor and grudges that we cling to. I want to end this on a positive for all Scorpios for I do have immediate family members born in this energy and I love them whether they be good, bad, or indifferent.

According to Hindu astrology , The Scorpio people are allied to the great powers of the ocean of this planet. This is the middle sign of the Water Triplicity. Scorpio people are wonderfully strong, as the planetary and solar forces which surge through them constantly, give them great magnetism and vitality. Any person born in this sign has great possibilities, so we earnestly urge them to realize their greatness.

Many a sage and wise men and women are born in this sign, and they have set down many rules which, if followed, will lead the Scorpio person to the greatest success.

Each letter relates to a different Sefira and element. The Scorpios, however, being a water sign, are very much connected to their emotions. On the other hand, there is also a great influence of the fire element being related to Mars and since it is the second sign of the Fall — each season is combined of three signs and they always being dominated by the same elements: the first one — Water, the second — Fire, the third — Air which indicates a selfish character and very strong urges and desires. All of the above strongly influence the Scorpios and that creates a very complicated emotional and intellectual world that is difficult to understand by the other signs.

The influence of the Air element also makes justice as a very important quality within the Scorpios. Whenever they run into injustice they will react emotionally Water. Meaning, they should be careful since they could easily fall into rage and vengeance and let those feelings control them.

The Scorpios, dominated by the water element, are also characterized with obsessive sharing with a clear purpose — controlling others; that has a very high price.

The Zodiac Sign of Scorpio

That kind of sharing is actually idolatry, since the moment we make the person we just helped his reaction as the reason and the cause for the way we feel we actually put another God before the Creator. So what is the secret of Heshvan? Since he had a great difficulty accepting the departure of Rabbi Shimon he fasted for 80 days and then he was allowed to enter the upper worlds and to meet Rabbi Shimon. However, when all the Tsadikim saw him they were all alarmed, since they knew he was mortal, and then they told him that in the upper worlds there is room only for those who managed to turn darkness into light and turn what is bitter Mar to be sweet.

That is actually the essence of life and that explains why the great sages named Heshvan as Mar-Heshvan. After we were flooded with spiritual energies through all of Tishrei holidays it is time to start our daily work. On Heshvan we run into all the tendencies and problems that we have not fix Tikun — correction on Tishrei. The downfall into the bitterness that will accompany us during the whole year, facing are shortcomings, is not pleasant.

However, every time we deal with it, this is another gate we can pass through and toward victory and completeness.