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Today you might decide to try something different in your romantic life.

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If you have been single for some time, you could be contemplating how it would feel to be in a more committed relationship. Or if you're already married, you could wonder what it would be like being single again!

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It's important to keep a balance between companionship and freedom. Search your heart today to find some answers. Usually you are a hard worker, whether the work involves a job, a personal project, or simply chores around the house. Today, however, you're going through a fit of laziness. Chances are you won't want to do a thing except lie around and read or watch TV. It's OK to do this! We all need time to let down our hair and relax.

Don't lay undue guilt on yourself because you don't feel like working. Put on your traveling shoes. Fear of the unknown may have prompted you to postpone certain trips. You claimed you were too busy, but no one believed this, not even you.

If an opportunity to travel presents itself, don't pass it up. It's silly to avoid life You should be in a great mood today, feeling especially sociable and enthusiastic about being with your friends. Discussions with close friends about intellectual, philosophical or spiritual issues that interest all of you could set your mind going, causing you to want to seek out more information in these fields.

The subject of business could come up but try to avoid talking shop. There's plenty of time for that later! Today you might suddenly decide to jump on a plane somewhere, perhaps for the purposes of education, perhaps for exploration, or perhaps just to see how people in other cultures live.


Or you might decide to expand your education by staying at home and taking some classes. Another very important aspect is the ongoing square between Neptune and Jupiter, which is perfected for the third and last time, after which Jupiter is going to pick up speed and start to break this conversation of tension.

As I have said in previous articles, this energy is meant to test our faith, it is meant to offer us the chance to find the healthiest and most appropriate expression of our faith, hopes and dreams.

Some of us have the tendency to elevate our hopes and faith to such an impossibly high degree, that it is simply not applicable in material life, some of us may be extremely optimistic, thinking that miracles and divine help is going to enter our lives and as if by magic make everything ideal, while others are the exact opposites where they tend to look at life in a very pessimistic, doomy and gloomy ways, where they might think that nothing ever can change for them.

This aspect can trigger depression, disillusion, disappointment, it might force hopeless dreamers to get down from the clouds and face real life, but it can also influence those people who have hedonistic tendencies and live a self serving way of life to change and consider the more spiritual and compassionate aspects of life. A direct Saturn also adds a touch of karma to everything, so during this time, those people who worked very hard to accomplish something important, and did so with dignity and fairness, respecting their own moral rules, but also their actions, were equitable for others as well, chances are manifestations can take place, their work one way or another is going to be rewarded, enabled, allowed to exist in physical reality being blessed with longevity.

Another very influential astrological event taking place right at the beginning of the week is the Sun moving into Libra and activating this part of the sky. Libra rules partnerships, associations, romance, diplomacy, our long term relations with others, legal actions, decision making process etc. This is even more influential, given the fact that Venus is in her home sign making her own symbolism and that of Libra more dominant. Saturn, speaking from his home sign of Capricorn forms squares with both Mercury and Venus, and even though this is an aspect of tension, this energy is greatly needed, for it helps a very powerful and influential Venus, to ground herself and her symbolism.

This aspect may make us extremely critical both of others and ourselves, for Venus in Libra also represents self worth, self esteem, self love while Saturn can symbolize our dignity, our moral integrity, so these 2 powers can balance each other out perfectly. For those who are single and looking, this energy may force them to think twice before accepting an offer of love from someone who they do not know sufficiently, and this is the diligence and wisdom of Saturn, however if they do feel a powerful connection and most importantly physically and materially there is a high degree of compatibility, common interests, principles, common goals etc.

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For those who are in an established bond, this square might represent challenges, temptations, polemics, a conflict of interest between partners. If the relationship and the emotional connection is strong, then the temptations of Saturn are only going to make the bond stronger, and ultimately reward the relationship with a much greater sense of stability and trust.

However if the relationship is weak, then chances are the power of this square is only going to highlight the differences and break this bond. Later on in the week Pluto also forms squares with these planets, and this represents a power struggle within an established bond, the desire to be equal to your partner, the preferences, choices, options and decisions of each individual to have the same amount of influence over the relationship. This can also play out in a totally different ways, because Pluto is a highly sexual energy, and this can give birth to third party situations, infidelity, and even trying out new things threesome for example which may seem a good idea at that time but will ultimately break the trust between the partners.

For those of you who are single, this energy may turn inwards and force you to look at yourself with total honesty trying to figure out why it is that you are not in an established bond, and if you do reach the conclusion that there are inner obstacles or perhaps outer ones, you are going to be empowered to change them, eliminate them and try different new approaches to love. This energy can also play out as a gesture of auto-psychoanalysis, where you might be able to identify what exactly is keeping you from having a high degree of self worth and self love, and of course it can also empower you to change this, by breaking relationships, bonds, friendships that simply drag you down, and equally it can help you find new ones, that do reflect your true worth.

Both Mercury and Venus are sextiled by Jupiter speaking from his home sign of Sagittarius, and this is a celestial dance of supreme harmony, where your beauty, your self love, the beauty of your thoughts, ideas, principles, your notions and vision about love and romance, especially if expressed can make you extremely attractive, and this can birth new relationships.

For some people these can be professional ones, where the love, passion and beauty of your activities, work etc. The sextile with Mercury can make all of your form of self expression, communication, your speech, writing, extremely attractive, persuasive, and it can draw all the right kind of attention. This energy can also translate into law and justice, where court cases, legal documents, legal issues, are going to advance, and potentially resolutions, solutions, or significant advancements can be reached.

Contracts, favorable legally binding documents, agreements are advantaged by this energy. Neptune is also going to form minor aspects called quincunx with both Mercury and Venus, so there is a very dreamy, idealistic, philosophical, soul level energy at play here. This can be used in a number of different ways, one of them is a least favorable one, where we might get a little bit carried away by fantasies and have the expectations to live them in real life, another more positive way is to approach matters of love and romance seeking unconditional love, the kind of love that sources from deep within the soul.

The Sun is Libra also forms a quincunx with Uranus, and this energy can represent surprises, unexpected twist of events, but also powerful epiphanies and moments of sudden realization, that can guide us and steer us in matters of love and any other form of significant relationships we have with other people. This energy can also have a not very favorable side, making us want to experience new, unique, unusual, extreme, not common things in matters of love, or we might get very bored with our usual routines and we might have the desire to seek out new things that offer us unusual, never felt before experiences.

To end the week we have a very potent super new Moon taking place on the 28 th of September at 5 degrees and 20 mins.

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This can represent a very powerful new beginning in that area of your life, which is ruled by Libra. It is a very good time to set our new intentions, new goals and focus on what you desire to attract in your life. This celestial dance of the Sun and Moon, is quite significant from a totally different perspective, because they oppose Chiron, the healer, so this can represent a very powerful karmic event that can help you heal all wounds you may have suffered from previous relationships, partnerships, friendships etc.

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This could be a new relationship, where you have the chance to experience true love, true devotion, true respect, or it could be any kind of partnership or association which reflect your self worth and you are treated with respect, in a position of equality. From a general collective sense, the celestial conversation taking place next week can have a powerful influence on the world stage, because the squares that Saturn and Pluto form with Venus and Mercury in Libra can deteriorate diplomatic relations between nations, it can also end old alliances and form new ones, so the political configuration within states but also the world stage can take on a very different form.

This is just highlighted by the fact that a direct Saturn is going to meet with the South node, so this can be a very powerful karmic time for everyone collectively, where we might have to pay for our past actions, or work as hard as we can to amend humanities past mistakes, bad choices and the damage we caused to the Earth and other living beings who we share the planet with. Thank you so much for reading, wish everyone an amazing and blessed equinox, and an equally magical new Moon! Jubilee Shoals October 3, , pm.

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