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Ranking: The most common zodiac sign through to the least common Astrofame. Every zodiac sign's ultimate relationship deal breaker Astrofame. Ruled by Mercury, you have potent powers of perception, able to read between the lines without even straining. Want to make money?

Venus in Scorpio Is Arguably the Sexiest Time of Year

Get together with an Aries. Your mercurial brain is firing on all cylinders and you just see what needs to happen. For this reason, Libras are lucky in love and can give great advice and confidence to others in this area. Scorpios can achieve anything they put their mind to and are superb leaders in general.

January’s Cosmopolitan Magazine Covers From All Over The World

When you set your own agenda and focus on its execution, you create your own luck by sheer force of will. Plus, your ruling planet, Pluto, influences endings and beginnings. Ruled by Jupiter which represents good fortune , you possess a naturally spontaneous and adventurous personality and take chances like no other sign consequently, more of them pay off. Your ruling planet, Saturn, never lets you off the hook for getting shit done either. Your ability to see the big picture and your desire to protect the best of humanity make you a lucky person to have around in campaigning, charity work, and developments for the good of the planet.

Aquarians working with Leos toward a humanitarian cause can achieve more as a duo than almost any other zodiac combo.

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Intellect meets passion, logic meets persuasiveness. Together, both signs can bring out the best of others and move mountains.

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