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This element works in close collaboration with earth, fire, and water to enrich your daily life experiences. You are able to comprehend situations faster than most other people do.

The February 10 zodiac people belong to the Aquarius-Pisces Cusp. This is the Cusp of Sensitivity. This cusp empowers you to possess and motivated energy to succeed in life. People born on this cusp are talented. You are unique, and you have endless possibilities from early on in life. However, you need to focus on what you want to get out of your life.

You are well known for your resourcefulness. The influence of the Cusp of Sensitivity makes you quite eccentric. All the same, you can be relied upon to deliver on your promises. You prefer to have a stable home. In fact, you are likely to expand a lot of energy in making sure that your loved ones are safe and secure. The influence of the Cusp of Sensitivity makes you prone to a few health issues. These include stress, tension, and related neurological diseases. Take the right measures to safeguard yourself against this.

The February 10 zodiac people are both ingenious and versatile.

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They love with a passion. You have an easy way with words. Being a very good communicator, you easily charm your way into the hearts of your lover. This is more so because you are equally adept at using both verbal and non-verbal cues of communication. You easily fall in love with partners who are attractive, unpredictable, and active. These partners reflect your kind of personality. As such, your ideal partner would be an Aquarius, a Libra and a Gemini. Your love tends to be of the intense kind. This means that you give your all in a relationship. You show high levels of energy.

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However, you are also prone to strong fits of jealousy. This can make you unpredictable in your actions. People born on February 10 fall in love from an early age. As such, you end up having many partners in the course of your life. You fall in love quite fast. Understandably, this love goes as fast as it comes! Your astrological charts indicate that the best time for you to marry is when you are ready. This way, you will be able to establish a stable family. You will be a loving spouse and a great parent to your children. The stars show that you are least compatible with a person born under the Scorpio zodiac sign.

This is because you do not much in common.

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Your interests are at variance. The February 10 zodiac people are very good conversationalists. You use your ingenuity to make people feel comfortable around you. This means that they are able to open up more in your presence. You have a natural curiosity. You are constantly looking to learn new things. People turn to you for solutions — you appear so knowledgeable! You are popular for your love of humanity.

You are involved in philanthropic projects at various levels. Your willingness to help those in needs shows that you are conscientious in nature. You are ingenious and geared towards novelty. You like linking your peers to new things, thereby enhancing their experiences in life. Be wary of a few personality flaws that may put your character into disrepute.

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For example, you are quickly exasperated when situations run out of your control. This makes you be sarcastic to people around you. In addition, you often make crucial decisions on a whim. This can be disastrous for the performance of the projects that you hold dear. All in all, try to understand others point of view. Love guru Venus spends time in the very disciplined sign of Capricorn in early February, indicating a time for you to get serious about love. Have you been hesitating when it comes to taking things to the next level?

What's holding you back? If there are outstanding issues you want to confront before moving in together, getting married, having kids, or buying a house, the time is now. If you're both in this for the long haul, why not make it official? No matter what your status, you can always take things to another level! There's a total solar eclipse in Leo, another fire sign, in early July, which fuels your creative drive and dramatic ambition.

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This is the time to get demonstrative with your love, Sagittarius, and really let your partner and the whole world know how you feel. This eclipse won't be visible from all parts of the world, but as a sign who loves to travel, what would be more romantic than planning a romantic getaway to a place where you can view it together?