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Have fun color coding your Natal Chart! These 3 ways are:. Cardinal — Initiating.

A Key to the Symbols used in Astrology

Fixed — Consolidating. Mutable — Alternating, adapting. Reveal faults and unlearned lessons stemming from the previous lifetime. Reveal the harmful effects of self-will. They will require self-discipline and your conscious intention to transform them. These fixed squares and oppositions tend to create stress or inner tension until you have learned to convert their energy into positive manifestations. These squares and oppositions are the easiest to overcome because they are just forming. Mental self-discipline and positive thinking can go a long way toward blocking and eliminating them.

They manifest within your life expression effortlessly. You witness an innate talent, for example, in a small child singing professionally. Until they are activated, they lie dormant within your energy field. Have you tried a new activity and found that you are very good at it on the first attempt? That is your latent sextile that has been waiting for you to call it into action. THE YOD — consists of 2 planets inconjunct brown line each other, with 3rd planet sextile red lines both of the 2 inconjunct planets.

If you have a YOD, you are chosen by God to fulfill a special purpose. Study the zodiac signs and houses of the planets involved; they will reveal a divinely guided direction for you. Having one YOD is fairly frequent. Having two or more is less frequent and means that your destiny is marked by God. It is a spiritual gift. Get a 2nd opinion The Western Astrological Model does not allow the mind Mercury and heart Venus to oppose opposition - degrees apart each other.

Until one's mind and heart are aligned, the deeper teachings of astrology remained deeply veiled. Because so many of you have asked. Click here, or image above, for complete information. John Charles Webb, Jr. Astrology is the ancient art of Soul Retrieval and its deeper secrets have almost been corrupted beyond recognition The Western Astrological Model does not allow the mind Mercury and heart Venus to oppose opposition - degrees apart each other.

Astrology, since the dawn of Man, has divided the heavens into 12 equal parts called the " Zodiac " which is Greek for " circle of animals " anima - animus and each of these 12 parts relates to an astrological " sign " Presently we are in the Astrological Age of Pisces. The consensus belief is that we have been in this age since AD. The AD estimate is inaccurate and is typical for the "foggy" attribute of Neptune who is the ruler of the Piscean Age.

A brief review of my calendar page shows that all of the adjustments made to the Gregorian calendar during the past years have made it almost impossible to determine our precise location within the present age because of the method that we use to measure "the progression of "an age" was completely ignored during all of the adjustments to our calendar. Its never occurred to me until now that somehow I might have inspired her. I think my creativity is expressed more through words, in the writing fiction and nonfiction that I do. Do you find that people express their Quintiles naturally when they are young, but stop doing it so much when they are adult?

By: Mandi on July 26, at am. What a good question, Mandi! I bet they do, not so much because of the nature of the aspect but rather about the nature of life. As an astrologer in NYC, I had so many clients who came to the city in order to try to make it in the arts, took a waitress job to pay the rent, and wound up being…a waitress! By: Donna Cunningham on July 26, at am. In my early adult years the same with not a lot of what I now call crusading, the urge and need to face things head on and do something about it. There is an intuitive side — the universe often supplies me with very timely information which helps my drive to deal with issues.

As the years have gone on it has become stronger, more conscious and effective. Donna Thank you for all the energy you put into astrology and your gift to us in sharing so generously of your tremendous knowledge. I was very good, in fact, I upset some older women with my accuracy. I completely lost that ability. By: mimi torchia boothby watercolors on July 26, at pm. I believe that Mars and Neptune aspects in general make for dancing ability In response to Mandi who asked about Quintiles being more operative in youth , though I started dancing when I was younger, I stopped for most of my life and then came back to it again 12 years ago, and now teach dance.

I am very glad that I revisited this aspect and re-owned my innate talent. Thanks, as usual, Donna… Regine. Yes, I agree about Mars-Neptune being good for dancing—but I would widen it to include many of the Mars-Neptune aspects, and to include other sorts of deft footwork like skating and tai chi. Or just the artistry and beauty of the sport? Probably both. By: Donna Cunningham on July 28, at am. I did the same thing … stopped dancing and returned much later. I think I would not have been able to develop other parts of myself, or to develop in the style I was meant for, if I focused so heavily on dance throughout formative years …also had to work through body and eating issues that definitely show up in other parts of my charts.

Also I have a venus-pluto trine and feel you about transformation in relationships. But saturn is conjunct pluto and sometimes it sure feels like work and karma! What kind of dancing do you do? I teach Argentine Tango. I would imagine the Pluto Saturn conjunction is quite a challenge for you.

I know that because I seem to get involved with people who have the saturn pluto square. Very karmic work relationships. But I can imagine the work involved. Also, the 6th house seems like a potentially less painful placement than some other houses might be. I only have charts for my immediate family, housemates and an ex, so cannot spot patterns yet, but that would be very interesting. Hoping to move into several other styles soon … perhaps latin ballroom, but not yet tango. Tango is amazing … the concept of following and doing work that is so immediate is interesting, but would be very hard for me, at least at first!

Placed within some sort of spectrum of abuse, my experiences are on the less severe end, for sure. Been practicing astrology for most of my adult life. And so with the dancing. I imagine being in the 6th will bring alot of very powerful healing work. Good luck with everything … Regine. Funny that you posted about the quincux article! I read it on my way to work this morning.

Thank you. I love music and free style dance but have never focused or excelled in that? Deft footwork…I seem to fall down more than others? Saturn rules my Asc. This may relate to this particular quintile aspect. Quintiles feel great! I found a few. Mercury in Libra in 11 quintile Mars in Sag in 2 boosts my creative communications skills with groups, bringing in income for my efforts. Moon in Capricorn in 3 quintile Venus in Libra conjunct Asc. As this quintile involves the ascendant as well, I can bring fun into my public speaking as well.

I have a question: what sort of quintiles generally would show writing talent? Thanks for this great topic! By: Donna Cunningham on July 27, at am. Cafeastrol hited the nail.. I have studied folklore and ethnology. Have worked in different ways with this kind of stuff. Also teached history in secondary school Moon ruling 3H in 12H. Teaching smaller children needs lot of creativity, too. Made a lot of planning, for masses the whole school, children, and drama activities to different groops of children.

Oh, there was two consert with a mega operasinger. I arranged children to her performances. MoonQjupiter, I am an optimist and make a laugh out of misery. Make fun in prties. Creative in many area. Moon ruling also my 4H. My mother is very creative and I suppose I inherited this Pisces moon. By: bibbe on July 26, at pm. Also have several biquintiles- would love to learn more about that aspect, too. Mars in Leo in the 9th quintiling the descendant. All within tight orb. Hi, Donna!

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You might not remember me, but I had a couple of readings with you, and took a couple of classes with you on flower essences in NY. I was also at a class you gave at Omega Institute. I still remember you fondly. I have an 8th house Venus in Taurus quintile a 10th house Uranus in Leo. Like a previous poster said, I love things that are beautiful in an offbeat way. Salvador Dali is my favorite, and I also am fond of anything that is cutting edge, i. I finally figured it out…I read my rulership book to see the possibilities and now I get it!

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My Mars Q Neptune makes me a good detective, often using intuition. I love being a problem solver. Never looked at this aspect before. By: Pat on July 28, at am. I think of them as minor gifts if that. I feel my squares, conjunctions and trines before any of these. Do quintiles get drowned out by major aspects, even slightly out of orb ones? Mercury-Pluto: I get obsessed with minutia. Chiron quintile Ascendant: Back in the day, people used to come up to me and talk at me about their problems. Literally, random people would tell me their stories, without invitation or prelude.

Are Mercury and Jupiter conjunct and both quintile Pluto, if so the Jupiter is amping up the effect of the Mercury-Pluto aspect and perhaps making it more academic, like a researcher. Or, are Mercury and Jupiter not conjunct but instead biquintile one another and both quintile Pluto. That would be a triangular formation I call a talent triangle.

By: Donna Cunningham on July 28, at pm. Interesting — as Pluto has been sitting on my Mercury for months now! What are the significance of talent triangles in general, besides being so pleasingly geometrical? If grand trines are major flows of easy energy, would talent triangles be minor flows of easy energy? By: Donna Cunningham on July 29, at pm. By: Kachina on July 28, at pm. By: msfullroller on July 29, at pm. Think of a talent or ability that would tie the two planets together.

Sun in Aries leadership ability, using self to lead, explore Jupiter in Gemini teaching others, assimilating knowledge for instance. Oh I get it now! Leading by example, not the just do as I say, not as I do leadership. I was like this when I was in the military. DIYing, putting ideas out there for people to think and question the status quo. Wow discovering the meaning behind this quintile ties together other aspects that involve these planets.

By: msfullroller on August 1, at pm. I believe I may have a handle on this my one quintile. Some of it is smoke and mirrors, of course. But in my life, I can actually back up with results many of the things that in fact, I have no natal chart talent for because…. I can buckle down, get to work, focus, get to the gist and then, all by myself, apply my Saturnine alchemy to turn that gist into gold. I can engage my virtually abyss-like or swamp-like, as you like emotions and literally conjur, ginn up, create out of nothing at all.

Some people work their fingers to the bone and get bony fingers. I work my Moon Q Saturn and get whatever happens to capture my actually quite simple, easy-to-please mind. Now, some of these things are not particularly Christian to admit. But nothing, and I mean nothing can be substituted for effortless Saturnian work.

And that I can do.

Article 259: Geometry of the Solar System - Part 6 - The Zodiac

I can audition pretty well and do a mean job interview too, I mean. My primary mission at this time is to get well. I must apply Saturn to re-establishing equilibrium and regaining health. Hi Parin. I love what you wrote. Great post! By: mimi torchia boothby watercolors on July 30, at am. I have several Quintiles and biQuintiles in my chart I give my quintiles a 5 degree orb,but they come in at around three degrees anyway I give my biquintiles a 2 degree orb.

I love working with my hands and creating things. I love artistic things like drawing,painting,writing,dancing,singing. I like to know how things work, and if I had the nerve lol! I love experimenting with psychology,health related matters and philosophy. I have three planets on the third house: sun, mars, and mercury. Also, my jupiter sextiles my MC.

There are a variety of ways to see talent in a chart—quintiles are only one of them, and not always referring to the fine arts, which are more Venus and Neptune. By: Donna Cunningham on August 15, at pm. Oh beauty! Also I am emotional and ultra sensitive. Often the world is so harsh and I retreat into my visions of beauty and perfection. Mercury quintiles my North Node and I am attempting to convey my images in words Mercury in Virgo in Second by writing. I see this as a path for me. Pluto in Virgo in second biquintiles Jupiter in Aries in the ninth.

I think this makes me ambitious. Mars in Libra in third biquintiles Chiron in Pisces in the eighth. Great article. For example, I have a 7th house Venus in a tight quintile aspect to my Midheaven, and my 1st house Moon in a tight quintile aspect to my IC. Hi, Kayla, welcome to our project. Other participants did report on quintiles and other minors that clearly applied to the Asc and MH. By: Donna Cunningham on September 20, at pm.

Very nice blog!! Donna in italian means woman, nice name! My compliments! I have a 24 degree Cancer sun conjunct mars zero degree conjuction in the 10th house quintile my 6 degree Libra Ascendant …making my mars quitle ascendant at the same time. I have a 10th house Cancer moon my moon is conjuct my MC exact zero degrees quintile the part of fortune in my 12th house virgo. Enjoying this question. Kachina; what a succinct rendition of your Q! It had me laughing as well. Dunya covered Saturn Q Chiron which is part of what I have.

I have 2. Uranus Mars also parallels Pluto in Leo in the 10th house and trines the moon in Aquarius. Refer to my other posts on being an O Gitche Da warrior protector during my 4 years in Boarding school 1st grade through 4th for Indians. Female O Gitche Das are not common and even less common amongst Male O gitche Das is my war medicine that few are gifted with. This is occult. At 65 I started to pursue the Asian Martial Arts…mainly to keep in shape and recall my youthful fisty cuffs which I thoroughly enjoyed.

It is interesting to study their take on the movement and use of Chi.. Groups of females, social and political and others of an esoteric nature have throughout my life, been foisted upon me and queried me for leadership. I have not always chosen to accept.

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There seems to have been a cosmic push to get me in the lime light which is NOT my fancy but occurs if I like it or not sometimes. Its been a grand adventure.

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I was studying fine art but had strong input from visiting Internationally known artists who took a fancy to me and guided my development in unusual ways compared to what went on at school. One was a definite past life connection and the other opened up the Occult underground for me. One was so charismatic, that the faculty, student body and administration were all enamored of him; but he placed me between them and him with me making all the decisions on which group he would see, and when. Indeed I had been late for the class he was first visiting and upon seating myself , he and I clicked in deep recognition.

We walked silently out of class, hand in hand, through the park to my place and embraced for a long while saying nothing. It was like seeing an old and dear dear friend with whom I shared unconditional love. He encouraged my Art and was open about how women had a much harder time to gain recognition. Their art might be 10 times better as a man to get the same appreciation. He was from the upper echelon of Italian culture and had a wife and a mistress. They are expected to take a mistress after 7 years of marriage.

He was much older than me and the intense, stable love was not sexual. I had never trusted men much up to this time ; the fact to the casual observer mind that I was embracing a total stranger served to blast open the subconscious reflex action I had against trusting men. It was a healing. There is much more to say about this aspect but time and space do not allow it.

Neptune is within a conjunction to the Ascendant from the 12th house Dunya deals with the Saturn Q Chiron part. I have been a Dancer since High school when I transferred a need for energy expenditure from Fighting to Dancing. I often won first place at a Twin Cities ballroom where kids came from all over the cities. I later got into spiritual ceremonial dancing and am a Pow Wow dancer. These dances express all levels of being creative with dance dress making and style of dance.

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They are spiritual, and social at once and include all age groups together. Am into Herbal medicine and energy work for healing. Into esoteric Astrology for friends and family. Have done and studied Scientific Hand Analysis , tho people will swear I must be psychic. I have met great elders at timely moments who healed and taught me. One was a white haired Druid elder who learned from his Grandmother. His Grandmother escaped the inquisitions in Europe. He broke down my propensity to blame all white people for the worlds ills. He described my mothers people and said he and I were related through them and though past lives.

There was no denying him because I recognized many of the things he showed me. The other was a Traditional full blood Lakota Elder who can not be described with words. The Lakota Elder broke down some serious blocks I had and he risked his life doing it.

Quintile Aspects with Faye Cossar

I recognized him with all forms of Love there are, when we first met. He recognized me in the same way. Thank goodness for undying past life love! WHEW, squeaked through that one! I see Jupiter as a Savior and represents the protection I have always enjoyed. I always felt like baby Huey. You know…hes waddling down the sidewalk as a Safe falls out the window , missing him by inches.

I studied with Tibetan teachers for a Master in Art…their hereditary Thanga painting. This was only available to non Tibetans for a short time. I studied with them a year. I saw the past life where I learned embroidery and painting. It was in northern China and I was very isolated in the Mt. Later when the doors first opened to China a visiting painter did a painting of me in my Horse Dance dress and he said my regalia looked just like those minorities in Northern China and that he would show this portrait to them.

All these past life memories in different parts of the world and in many Tribes all over the Americas makes me feel like a World citizen indeed, sex and age becomes irrelevant. This is a two way street, so I have helped others as well. I love Uranian trouble-makers and envelope-pushers. Does this also apply to Venus quintile Saturn? Your description fits me. What a surprise to find out this represents genius in the related areas! No astrology student or astrologer who has looked at my chart mention them to me, so I ignored them, too. What about biquintiles?

So yay for the quintile. By: Jara on January 9, at pm. Thanks for the cut and paste. By: Donna Cunningham on January 10, at am. I wanted to add something about my Venus-Saturn quintile. My Venus is in the 7th house and Saturn is in the 9th house. I think this has something to do with how I easily attract information. This happened to me the other day. I have two quintiles. Could someone explain? By: Donna Cunningham on February 19, at am. Thanks for answering! Would that mean that my talents are in the field of career and how I present myself?

Quintiles are quintiles, regardless. This series of articles is meant to stimulate readers to try to interpret the aspect on their own. So, make a list for yourself of the characteristics and abilities of a Jupiterian type of person similar to Sagittarius and then consider how those qualities could benefit your career. No matter, I will try…. I resonate with the energy of the wounded healer Chiron in Aries. It is through this process that I can bring healing to others, which in turn brings growth and healing to my own soul Chiron all day long.

Anyway, this Pisces girl is having a very powerful Pluto on the SR Ascendant which forms the base of a kite! Walking in Light…. Hey I have recently discovered quintiles they are very fascinating and there interpretations that i found on a site explains those aspects of my personality that i couldnt find in the basic astrology stuff.

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Leo bQ. My Asc,Pluto 1st house and Moon 12th house conj. And my Venus 10th house conj. By: Eva Poulsen on December 12, at am. By: Brigitte Bouthillier on January 25, at pm. By: Donna Cunningham on January 25, at pm. Hello, Interesting. I found two in my chart. I also have Venus trining this conjunction from the 3rd house Scopio.

So that strengthens it. Oh, and the 11th house is the house connected with Uranus, so the Moon-Uranus quintile is strengthened as well. By: Donna Cunningham on January 27, at pm. How about quintiles with asteroids? Perhaps, Lilith brings in the feminine independence and Ceres brings nurturing. I was a very good supervisory encouraging staff all women to pay attention to development of consciousness as they continued to refine technical and political skills. By: Rebecca Carina on January 30, at pm. I chose airplane pilot as a career path. Although this has been very difficult for me, there are other aspects that makes this career likable to me.

I also have uranus trine midheaven, which leads to the unusual in many aspects, mainly in career. I suspect this happens not only because of the uranus trine midheaven, but also because I have a sun-mars conjunction in sagittarius. Very masculine aspects all together. Although, I have a very strong feminine side. If the quintile is related to talent, then can one of my quintiles be related to this?

I have other 2 classmates who are musicians, 4 of them including myself lean towards interests in languages, some of them already have a career built. Seems that pilots have some interesting charts. It would be nice if you studied us a little bit more! Is it something career-related? Interesting to know about your chart and how it fits into your career choice.

The quincunx is an aspect of incongruity between the two planets. I have a couple of articles on quincunxes on this blog. Use the search engine at the top right hand column of the front page to find them. By: Donna Cunningham on July 8, at am. Well, I have 8 quntiles. Interesting point, Stiliyan. Probably true, but it does play heck with objective research! Donna Cunningham. By: Donna Cunningham on July 12, at am. By: r7carina on July 13, at pm. You must have skipped the discussion on quintiles that involve the Ascendant or Midheaven.

The answer is yes. Orb degrees. By: Donna Cunningham on July 13, at pm.