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Model: tamiisf. La mente es susceptible de amar si se usan los ingredientes adecuados. The mind is susceptible to love with the right ingredients.

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May the goddess guide you and happy night of Pero abrid los ojos, y ved que andamos sobre vuestros techos. Nosotras contemplamos todo, solo con un ojo. Manejamos los hilos de vuestro diminuto mundo, y controlamos las altas esferas de poder. But open your eyes, and see that we walk on your roofs.

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We contemplate everything, only with one eye. The vision of the present, past and future. We handle the threads of your tiny world, and control the high spheres of power.

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Soy viejo. I'm old. The wolves name me in their speeches at midnight and that silent and subtle Voice calls me from the distance. The weight of my soul will decide its last place of rest" The testimony of the Arab Fool. Cultive el arte de las llamas para instruir.

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Seek the wisdom of the Elders and the answers under the books. Cultivate the art of flames to instruct. Hemos sido quemadas, ahogadas, torturadas y encarceladas. Pero no estamos extintas. Sabemos lo que somos,y no nos escondemos. No tengo miedo.

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We have been burned, drowned, tortured and imprisoned. But we are not extinct.

We learned the knowledge of reincarnation and although our power does not contemplate the strength of the past, we still walk on earth. We know what we are, and we do not hide. I'm not afraid. Call me Martha Carrier, I'm a witch, and the incarnation of the ninth hanged in Salem. Presento astromara. And there is no better way to define it than with this photograph. Hope you like it.

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